Acupuncture for Seasonal Allergies

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allergiesSpring has sprung in Eugene, Oregon, and so has allergy season. Acupuncture can be an effective, natural way to help relieve the uncomfortable symptoms associated with seasonal allergies. Call today to see if acupuncture can help you (541)515-6446.

Want to learn more about how acupuncture relieves allergies? Check out this blog post for a detailed account of traditional acupuncture treatment for allergies:

Acupuncture for Seasonal Allergies, Part 1

Acupuncture for Seasonal Allergies, Part 2

Knee Pain? Try Acupuncture

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New York residents find relief from knee pain with acupuncture.

Watch the video:

Article: So Are 2 Drinks A Day Really Too Many?

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To Make Healthier Choices, Color-Code Your Food

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greenlightA recent study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine found that color-coding food with traffic light food labels, green for “choose often,” yellow for “good choice” and red for “on occasion,” helped people make more consistently healthy food choices.

Manipulating “choice architecture” so that healthier options were more accessible also helped boost beneficial food choices.

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Ear Acupuncture May Help Shed Unwanted Pounds

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Stimulating acupuncture points in the ear could help people who are overweight shed unwanted pounds, according to a recent Korean study.

Participants were treated using either a specific five-point ear acupuncture combination, one single ear acupuncture point, “sham acupuncture,” or received no treatment at all (the control group).   Both the five-point and single-point acupuncture groups showed a drop in weight and BMI, with the loss being slightly higher in the five-point group.  The control group showed no changes.Read more


Article: Chowing Down On Meat, Dairy Alters Gut Bacteria A Lot, And Quickly

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MeatDairyEggsAfter just a few days of eating a heavy diet of meat and dairy, gut bacteria responds and is altered.  Some of the changes might have negative impacts on overall health.

Read the full NPR article: Chowing Down On Meat, Dairy Alters Gut Bacteria A Lot, And Quicklywebbar21 Read the rest of this entry »

Workshop: New Moms and Sexual Intimacy

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Are you a new mom who wonders why sexual intimacy has changed so much since having a baby? Have you wondered if other new moms share similar experiences, or how to handle these changes? If you are the mom of a baby or toddler interested in exploring these issues, and more, email to register for this upcoming workshop.

In this workshop Sarah will cover:
1) What’s normal?
2) Troubleshooting intimacy difficulties
3) What’s next?
Workshop Facilitator:

Sarah Swofford, MPH, is a sexual health educator with a master’s degree in public health. A mom of two, she teaches sex education workshops and writes about sexuality throughout motherhood. She has written the soon-to-be-released e-book “From Ouch! To Ahh…The New Mom’s Guide to Sex After Having a Baby.”

To register and/or questions email:
Or visit for more information

When: Saturday, November 23. 10:30am-12:00pm
Price: $8
Location: First United Methodist Church, 1376 Olive St., Eugene


Article: Mom’s Exercise During Pregnancy Gives Baby’s Brain a Boost

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PregnancyExerciseNew research suggests that babies born to women who exercised during pregnancy have enhanced brain development compared with babies born to moms who didn’t exercise while they were pregnant.

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Article: “Acupuncture Was The Only Thing That Eased My Pain”

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Sciatic nerve painAcupuncture can be effectively used to treat a wide variety of pain.  Read about how acupuncture helped ease this man’s sciatic pain: Health: “Acupuncture was the only thing that eased my painwebbar22

Roller Derby? Acupuncture?

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Do you ever wonder what acupuncturists do in their spare time?  Check out your favorite acupuncturist, Ariel Solomon, L.Ac., in the new Emerald City Roller Girls commercial! :)

… and if  YOU think you have what it takes, join the Emerald City Roller Girls for tryouts on October 20th at noon!
Visit for more information.