The Fifth Seasonfive elements acupuncture eugene

In traditional Chinese philosophy, five is a very important number. There are five elements (wood, fire, earth, water and metal), each associated with a different season, color, taste, yin and yang organ, emotion and so on.

The additional season in Chinese philosophy is late summer, which lies between summer and fall. Late summer is associated with the earth element, as well as the spleen and stomach, dampness, yellow, pensiveness, and so on.

Diagnostically, this is important, because during late summer, disorders associated with the earth element, such as digestive disorders with dampness, are more prominent.

Use of the characteristics associated with each element is helpful in formulating a diagnosis. A person with an earth element imbalance might be overweight, have a yellowish complexion, a tendency toward obsessive thinking, a singsong voice, sweet or rotten smelling breath, and be emotionally clingy.